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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Prodi’s Comeback

Unlike Britain who sends Political Failures to Brussels, it seems that other countries commissioners can enjoy a post EU career. The Ex President of Europe is enjoying a successful return to Italian Politics with good results in regional elections.
Preliminary results from exit polls showed that the centre-left opposition, led by Romano Prodi, the former European Commission president, had won at least 10 and possibly 11 of the 13 regions at stake.
Now the Boring one has his sights firmly set on the Prime Ministers job.
The results, if confirmed, would be a big boost for Mr Prodi, who intends to challenge Mr Berlusconi for Italy's premiership in national elections next year.
If Prodi is successful, Tony Blair’s snuggling up to the corrupt one in order to create an ally in Europe would take a battering. In his place would be a Federalist Par Excellence. With Berlusconi currently blaming the EU for all of Italy’s ills, next years election could get very interesting.

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