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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

No More Cheap Booze?

What would life be like without the chance to escape from Pillager Brown and buy cheap booze in France? The ability to do this is one of the few things that keeps the Kleptomaniac Chancellor in check. It could be under threat.
The European Commission wants to boost harmonisation of alcohol excise duties in the EU, in a bid to deal with fraud, smuggling and tax variations which distort the single market.
Competition is suppose to distort the market, and as for smuggling, that’s not really the EU’s problem is it. Proposals have run into trouble however.
Brussels' plan to introduce a new minimum tax on wine, as part of a revision of EU taxes on alcohol, is set to be rebuffed by France and other wine producing countries.
As much as I dislike the French political class and their socialist ways, you have to admit they defend their corner well. As for our Quisling leaders, they keep telling us that taxation is a red line that will not be crossed. Tony your nose is growing.

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