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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Influencing the Debate

We mere mortals whose only outlet for our thoughts is Blogger, would love to be able to say that we are influencing the debate. We should be so lucky. Though such power does not come cheap, companies with deep pockets are however employing armies of lobbyists to make their case. As the EU's powers have extended ever deeper into companies' lives, so the interest of businesses in defending their causes on the legislative battlefield of Brussels has intensified.
In the ensuing melees, they enlist professional emissaries and the thousands of lobbyists who now throng the emerging capital of the European Union.
The problem with this is that companies are not in favour of free and transparent markets, they are in favour of easy profit.
There are some car companies arguing loudly for the EU to soften its car safety standards; others want the EU to tighten the rules because they think their vehicles are safer than their rivals' and sniff a competitive advantage.
So as well as lobbying against rule changes, some are actually supporting the intrusion of Brussels into our daily lives. Lobbyists and the companies they represent need to stay on reasonable terms with the Euro Elite, which means they cannot take the gloves off. One lobbyist who gave a lecture I attended, told how you cannot say no to new legislation, as it tends to be counter productive. Instead they focus on softening the blow, OK for them, but no good for us. With companies looking after themselves and the Dear Leader rolling over and playing dead every time there is an argument, is their no-one to stand up to the tidal wave of meddling.

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