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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Clear Blue Water

This Blog is nothing if not obsessive. Whilst the rest of the UK is talking about immigration and clean hospitals, we will be resolutely continuing with the subject of Europe. Now that both major parties have launched their manifestos, we can compare them in terms of their attitude to Europe. I will not bother with the Liberal Democrats, their attitude can be summed up by the phrase: We Brits are too stupid to run our own country, let’s give it away to the foreigners. The direction of the EU
Conservative Conservatives support the cause of reform in Europe and we will co-operate with all those who wish to see the EU evolve in a more flexible, liberal and decentralised direction. Labour British membership of the EU brings jobs, trade and prosperity; it boosts environmental standards, social protection and international clout.
Despite talking of reform, Labour boasts of standards and social protection, two areas where Brussels regulations have badly damaged our economic interests. The Constitution
Conservative We oppose the EU Constitution and would give the British people the chance to reject its provisions in a referendum within six months of the General Election. Labour The new Constitutional Treaty ensures the new Europe can work effectively
Nothing to add, except, Why do we want Europe to work effectively? Fishing and Agriculture
Conservative The common policies on agriculture and fisheries are unsustainable, damaging to free trade and conservation, and waste huge sums of money. Labour ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Labour hasn’t noticed or doesn’t care about the damage done in these two areas by wrong headed EU policy. It didn’t think to mention them, despite its manifesto being 3 times the length of the Tories. The Euro
Conservative We will not join the Euro. Labour The five economic tests must be met before any decision to join can be made.
Labour continues to pretend that the Euro is an economic project. It’s not difficult to guess which of these two manifestos is closer to my beliefs. The Tory position still has a way to go, but it beats Labour hands down.

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