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Thursday, April 07, 2005

China not like Zimbabwe

France is increasingly irritated that having questioned the morality of past US foreign policy projects, the US now feels inclined to make accusations in return.
Michel Barnier, France's foreign minister, on Wednesday rebuffed US criticisms of the European Union's plans to lift its arms embargo on China saying that “warnings or threats” were not “useful” at a time when both sides were trying to improve transatlantic relations.
One could also add that selling weapons to China at a time it was explicitly threatening Taiwan, would not be helpful, but let’s not be churlish. Mr Barnier goes on to explain:
“There is a real, fundamental difference of perception that we have about China on both sides of the Atlantic,” he said. “One cannot treat China like Zimbabwe.”
What? You mean that Kickback Jacques will refuse to shake hands with the Chinese President? Or is he referring to the fact that whilst no-one in China gets to vote for their leaders, in Zimbabwe, the privilege is even extended to those who have passed away? Perhaps this will give us a clue:
Nevertheless, the value of EU countries' licences for arms exports to mainland China has increased from E54m in 2001 to E416m in 2003, the last year for which full figures are available.
Now I understand. What he means is that Comrade Bob doesn’t have the readies, so he is of no use. On the other hand, China is rich enough to buy stacks of French Military hardware. To think, the French claim we Anglo Saxons are materialistic and only care about making money.

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