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Sunday, April 10, 2005

April Fools

This has nothing to do with the EU, but is too funny not to mention. On April 1st, the Daily Mirror published a story about sheep being used to trim the grass in Wembley. A fairly transparent April Fools story, this is after all The Mirror. The story can be found here. Unfortunately it was not transparent enough for the Journalists of the Turkish Daily Milliyet, who bought it hook line and sinker. They even commented on the fact that the sheep would wear the England colours and included the Mirror’s picture in the print version. They added facts not in the original, such as the sheep were a special breed from Scotland, whose chewing technique was better for the turf. They published the story days later, proving that they were not trying to be funny. Their version, not of much use to Non Turkish speakers, can be found here: Easy Access to other culture’s news obviously has unforeseen consequences.

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