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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Rally Against the Constitution

The Democracy Movement is organising a rally in London on April 9th. Highlights include:

Among the speakers will be Jens-Peter Bonde MEP (Denmark) Anthony Couglan (Ireland), Thomas Rupp (Germany), Ulla Klotzer (Finland), Roger Cole (Ireland), Jean-Paul Bled (France) Henrik Dahlsson (Sweden) and more. From the UK, John Cryer MP (Labour), Bill Cash MP (Conservative), Cllr Mark Hill (Green), Steve Radford (Liberal), John Mills (Labour Euro Safeguards Campaign), Brian Denny (CAEF& RMT union) Neil Herron (Metric Martyrs & North East No Campaign) & Doug Nicholls (Trade Unionists against the EU Constitution). Keynote speaker will be Marta Andreasen - the courageous former EU chief accounting officer who was sacked by Neil Kinnock for exposing EU fraud.
If you want to attend, more details are available from Democracy Movement Kershaw House 449 Great West Road Hounslow TW5 0BU T: 020 8570 5681 F: 020 8570 5213

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