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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Pope is Still Catholic

Apparently the Lisbon Agenda is going nowhere.
The European Union's economic reform relaunch next week looks set to fall flat, its liberal message blurred by France and other countries and its impact overshadowed by a row over the EU's fiscal rules.
Well I must say I’m flabbergasted. Our Dear Leader has been telling us for a long time how the argument is going our way in Europe. It seems even the esteemed one is fallible. In fact one of his minions had this to say:
The end result, according to British diplomats, is that the Lisbon agenda remains a "Christmas tree", with numerous objectives attached to its central aims.
In other words, it looks good, serves no purpose and it brought out once a year so that everyone can enjoy the spectacle. Funnily enough the Christmas tree also plays host to many family arguments.

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