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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Hans-Martin Tillack Law

Belgium has passed a new law protecting the rights of journalists to keep their sources secret.
The European Federation of Journalists today welcomed the adoption of a long overdue law on protection of journalists' sources in Belgium, which was voted unanimously on March 17 by the Belgian Chamber of deputies.
Such a law would have prevented the disgraceful hounding of Hans-Martin Tillack by Olaf, the EU’s anti corruption squad. His computer was confiscated by police to find the source of his stories ostensibly because he paid money for the information. The real reason was to punish him for daring to publish the EU’s dirty linen. The reason for the new law was directly linked to the EU.
Due to series of violations on protection of sources during the last ten years journalists have been pressing for an urgent change in the law. A number of home searches, seizures, and even detention of journalists, had seen pressure on journalists to reveal their sources rise to unprecedented levels in the European Union.
Lets hope this puts sand in the works of those trying to cover up EU corruption.

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