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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Danish Hurdle

In addition to our Swedish friends whom I mentioned yesterday, their Danish neighbours are also disinclined to listen to their leaders EUologies concerning the federal project. Another potential hurdle for the constitution, the date of their referendum has been set.
Denmark, traditionally one of the most eurosceptic members of the European Union, is to hold a referendum on the proposed EU constitution on September 27.
Put that date in your diary and expect at the very least a close result. Don’t forget they have caused problems in the past.
Danish voters are notoriously independent-minded on EU matters and ignored the advice of their political leaders when they voted down the Maastricht Treaty in 1992 and Denmark's move to join the euro currency group in 2000.
Scandinavian Eurosceptics include many groups that would disagree with me on virtually every other subject. That shows I think, the biggest weakness of the federalist project. People want free choice to create a political system that matches their country’s culture and history. A harmonised consensus compromise just will not do.

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