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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Barroso Gets Tough

Facing growing revolt in France and with it pressure from Chirac to get his way ( There's a surprise ) The President of the European Commission has been talking tough.

The Commission President has urged EU leaders to take control of their national debates and indicated he will not halt his institution's work each time a country faces domestic difficulty.
Because that would be terrible, the EU could never achieve anything.
"If there are people in France who say it's all about Turkey, it's not our fault. If there are people in France who say the referendum is about the services directive, again it's not our fault".
Perhaps El Presidente could suggest that those spreading such slander be sent to corrective educational institutes, to get rid of their Xenophobia. Or perhaps, that each nation have a state owned broadcaster that sings the praises of Europe and reveals the truth behind the myths. Of course the UK already has such an organisation. Alternatively he could just accept that these things happen in politics. Meanwhile:
French President Jacques Chirac, who has already exchanged a heated telephone call with Mr Barroso over the latter's continued support for the services directive, is unlikely to take the words lying down.
So is it to be Pistols at Dawn? Best not send those weapons to China just yet hey Jacques?

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