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Monday, March 28, 2005

Advice to an Activist

What do you think the EU’s advice to democracy activists in Cuba should be? Keep up the good work, we support you? The people of Europe would love to see democracy in Cuba, they wish you the best? We believe everyone is entitled to respect for their human rights? Think again
A Cuban dissident poured scorn yesterday on a visiting European Union leader who told pro-democracy activists to avoid 'provoking' Fidel Castro.
Its all the fault of the activists. If they just accepted their lack of freedom no-one would get hurt. What a disgusting point of view.
The EU development commissioner, Louis Michel, also earned criticism for declaring, at the end of a four-day visit, that he was "very optimistic" about human rights on the communist island because he was allowed to meet groups of senior democracy activists and the wives of political prisoners.
Louis that was for your benefit not theirs. It’s called PR and if you were not a dense professional politician you would understand that. Cuba is a nasty Dictatorship with no hope of reform unless Castro dies or is killed. Until then the government of that country should be treated like the pariah it is.

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