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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Where has England Gone?

The UK apparently consists of Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Regions of England. I learnt something quite different in school, but someone changed it without properly informing us. The view of the British Council as seen by CEP: Here are the British nations that the British Council covers British Council Scotland, British Council Wales, British Council Northern Ireland, and, of course, British Council UK. There is no British Council England. So what do the British Council have against England? Who can say? Perhaps, judging by this page, they are awaiting the abolition of the 'region' known as England, and since they enthusiastically list all the regional assemblies I expect this is as good an answer as any. England being far too big for Brussels to boss around has to go. Thanks to this man, the first round of the battle went to us, but we know that they will not give up. As a suggestion, those who feel that England still actually exists could ask the British council what they did with it. The address is:

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