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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

A View from the Europhiles

I try to keep up with what the other side is thinking and I found this gem that I wanted to share with you. In a piece called EUROPE'S TRANSFORMATIVE POWER Mark Leonard, the CER's director of foreign policy has these things to say about the power of the EU.

A continent that in just 50 years has made war between its major powers unthinkable; that has moved from having a GDP half the size of America's to one the same size
I personally think that the second world war made future wars so unthinkable that the EU was formed. The EU is the result not the cause. As for growth in the EU's economy, thats seems to be largely done by accepting new members.
Europeans often by accident have been developing a new kind of power. This 'transformative power' works in the long term, and is about reshaping the world rather than winning short-term tussles. It cannot be measured in terms of military budgets or smart missile technology, but is captured in treaties, constitutions and laws.
One sentence: There is no constitution yet, and we will do our utmost to see that things stay that way.
The British House of Commons, British law courts, and British civil servants are still here, but they have all become agents of the European Union implementing European law.
Bingo!! Finally I have seen the real truth, spoken by a supporter of the EU project. Our institutions have become agents for the EU. You cannot have it saidf stronger than that.
By creating common standards that are implemented through national institutions, Europe can take over countries without necessarily becoming a target for hostility.
This gets better.
The US may have changed the regime in Afghanistan, but Europe is changing all of Polish society, from its economic policies and property laws to its treatment of minorities and what gets served on the nation's tables.
Why should we want to change all of Polish Society? Now I can understand that from a Western point of view, Afghanistan needed a total transformation, but what did the Poles do to us?
But it is the quality of Europe's economy that makes it a model. Europeans have shorter working hours and longer holidays than anyone else on the planet. European societies have lower levels of inequality and consequently a lower crime rate.
Its a model alright. What he fails to add is the word enforced. If people choose to work less for less money, thats great. In Europe we are forced to work the hours that people like Mark want us to.
Countries are drawing inspiration from the European model and nurturing their own neighbourhood clubs from Asean and Mercosur to the African Union and the Arab League. This 'regional domino effect' will redefine what power means for the 21st century.
Wonderful, competing centres of power, how very 1914. Besides if you want to praise the EU I can think of better ways than boasting that the Arab League is copying us. Thanks to the Centre for European Reform, I got a little insight into the power freaks that want to control our lives. I will keep a closer eye on them. I am always grateful for a little ammunition.

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