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Saturday, February 19, 2005

The Same Document?

Its a well known sales technique to vary your pitch according to the type of customer. Blatant lying it generally not recommended however. The following is an example of how one thing can be sold in many different ways:

“The constitution will create a political and institutional framework from which no one will be be able to withdraw. It is a big step towards a more Social Europe” Jacques Chirac “(The constitution) is an expression of Europe as a union of nation states . . . the rejection of Europe as a federal superstate” Tony Blair “Prosperity will be reinforced by the constitution. It puts in place a social model which endeavours to be the most just and most advanced in the world” José Luis Zapatero of Spain “This is a great step forward for the EU to become a true political union” Jean-Luc Dehaene of Belgium “Europe is a story of friendship and partnership. The constitution seals this.” Jan Peter Balkenende of the Netherlands “The constitution is a massive infringement of our sovereignty” Vaclav Klaus of the Czech Republic They cannot all be telling the truth. From Vote No

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