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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Pressing Issues

From Terrorism to War in Iraq, Slow Economic Growth, Genocide in Sudan, Aids and Malaria in Africa or Tsunami relief and reconstruction, the number of pressing problems facing our leaders as they strive selflessly for our best is endless. As Ministers from EU members meet today in Brussels, which topic is to be top of the agend?
A EUROPEAN ban on swastikas and other symbols used to incite racial hatred, prompted by the outrage over Prince Harry’s wearing of a Nazi uniform, will be proposed today as part of measures to combat racism.
Well that’s a good use of there time isn’t it. The subject was raised a few weeks ago, and the reactions of many were very strongly negative. But these things do not go away. Sustained rejection over a long period is difficult, so its supporters simply raised it again. Now our Government (The Puppet in Westminster) is talking tough.
Britain insisted that there was no need for a German-style ban in the UK.
How long do you give it? The European way is always to propose for discussion, ask for comments, wear out your opponents, and apply it anyway in the end. All talk of adding the communist symbols will slowly die away and we will be left with the original proposal in all its ridiculous glory. Using Authoritarian means to ban Authoritarian Symbols.

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