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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Mandy's World

Our Dear Leader's close friend and man in Brussels made a speech in Sweden yesterday concerning EU Trade Policy. The poor man is dillusional:

Contrary to much popular belief, the European Union is arguably the most open economy in the world.
Say that again? Did he really say that with an straight face, I would have loved to see it. Although much has been done to reduce tariffs, the EU is a text book case of bad regulations created for the purpose of non-tariff protectionism. Try telling an African who wants to sell cut flowers or some other agricultural goods about Europes open markets.
Because open markets are a powerful stimulus to competition, innovation and productivity growth, the Single Market has significantly raised Europe’s economic potential.
The single market and open markets are two very different things. The single market is Eurospeak for harmonising regulatory structures, so that one set of rules applies through the block. An open market on the other hand is one where access is free, not a good way to describe social market Europe. He defines his position nicely with this line:
Of course open markets are a means to an end, not an end in themselves.
Actually they are an end in themselves, at least they are if you believe in the right of individuals to spend their money as they wish. Economic freedom is the freedom that underpins all others. This Neo Liberal, as some Socialists on the continent see him, is nothing but a fair weather friend for free trade. Thanks to Global Growth for the link.

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