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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Double Talk From The Minister of Information

From the EU's own blogging sensation, this ranks alongside EUpundit for its obtuseness.

Yes“ we have to find a cost effective and less administratively burdensome legislation, whilst preserving the aim of achieving better protection for health and the environment, but the chemicals industry has to look at this as an investment in a “user safe” label on their products and the new rules will stimulate innovation.
REACH, one of the most expensive and useless pieces of regulation in the history of man will stimulate innovation. As a reason for the regulation she states:
So I had my own blood tested for 77 chemicals whereof 28 were found; among them PCB and DBT (banned a long time ago in Europe). Most scary is that I have passed on a substantial amount of chemicals to my children through breastfeeding. This is not the stuff I want my boys to inherit first thing!
Are they there in quantities likely to be harmful? We are not told. It is a typical piece of presumed guilty until proven innocent that infects all EU rule making. Chemicals have enriched our lives in ways that most people are completely unaware of. If they are to be made scapegoats for our modern ills, we could at least have legislation based on a real cost benefit analysis.

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