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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Day before, The Day after Tomorrow.

What happens when our Dear Leader promises two different things to two groups of people. One or other, or both will be upset. When one of those is the Supreme Council, there is little doubt which side will win.
The UK government headed for a collision with the European Commission over greenhouse gas emissions on Monday, as it raised the ceiling on the UK's industrial carbon dioxide emissions, in the face of Commission insistence that to do so was illegal.
What was that again Tony about having full control of our own economy? Shared sovereignty was what you called it I believe.
Sir Digby Jones, director general of the Confederation of British Industry, applauded the government's stance: This is a sensible response to what has become a difficult position.
Sorry Digby, if you accept the principles upon which the Grand Federation is based, you are not going to win. Meanwhile the Lib Dems continue in their unique form of logic that come from living in a parallel universe:
Chris Davies, a Liberal Democrat member of the European parliament, asked: "How can business plan their future energy strategies with Britain excluded from the emissions trading scheme?
I can just see all of British Business crying. We want to trade emissions too. Please Tony let us add unnecessary cost to our businesses. Is there no end to the damage that Brussels wants to inflict on our economy?

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