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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Politics Gets in the Way

Luxembourg prime minister Jean-Claude Juncker, is once again bemoaning the fact that the public need to be consulted on matters of state.
The European Union risks becoming "bogged down" over the next 18 months as governments grapple with ratifying its new constitution. There could be pressure to put off sensitive decisions because of their possible impact on national referendums.
Well its one of the problems with democracy, the people just will insist on having their say. But you know what, I think you should show leadership and keep the difficult decisions on the agenda.
Perhaps Mr Juncker's biggest challenge will be to get a deal on the new EU budget, to run from 2007-13, which is already the subject of high tension inside Europe.
Only an organization whose income is guaranteed could make a Budget on such a long term future horizon. Governments who need re-election can’t manage that. It’s a clear sign of project first, accountability second.

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