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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Please listen me, Please...

It must be tough being a Guardian Journalist who is pro-EU. You know best, but the people are just not listening. You almost want to cry for them every time they write something. Take this:
Love it or loathe it, most people accept that the EU matters - But it is neither fun nor sexy, and very hard to identify with. It rarely gets the credit even when it performs well.
I don’t know, we Eurosceptics always credit Brussels for its cash burning abilities, its efficiency at producing reams of regulations and ability to concentrate on grand lofty ideas with no foundation in reality.
The Dutch vote in March is different: though non-binding on parliament, the plebiscite will reflect mounting disquiet about the benefits of integration -from a disillusioned founder member
Oh dear even the Dutch are starting to question things and as lefties we can't make snide comments like we can about Brits, it would be Xenophobic.
Tony Blair is now stuck with a referendum decision made under the taunts of the Tory and tabloid press.
Poor Tony, weren’t the Tories horrible to him. Fancy an opposition party attacking a government policy that they disagreed with. (Ok with this opposition he might have a point). In a comment on Johan Cruyff appearing in ads in Spain, he adds:
There could be a role for David Beckham?
I cannot think of a better spokesman for a few hundred pages of legal jargon than our articulate and well educated football captain. The sooner the better I say.
No one yet knows exactly what a British "no" would mean: pressure to leave, being consigned to an outer circle beyond the eurozone? But it is unlikely to be good news.
No-one knows, but that hasn’t stopped the threats. Despondent Lefty anyone? I love it when they cry. .

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