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Thursday, January 13, 2005

More Threats

In a letter to our favourite state subsidised comic, John Palmer, Political director of the European Policy Centre, an EU think tank, is bearing prophecies of hunger and pestilence.
Of course a referendum in Britain may still produce a no vote, even if everyone else has agreed to ratify, and even if all the candidate member states are also in favour. But in these circumstances it is the British relationship with the EU which would be in question - not the treaty. The British government would have no credible grounds for denying the right of the rest of the EU to proceed with implementation of the treaty.
Is there any plausible reason, why we as a nation would wish to remain bound to an organisation that would behave like this? The rules are clear. The constitution has to be ratified by all ( For the mathematically challenged at the European Policy Centre, that means 25 ) member states. If the result is different from that wished for, that’s life. You can’t change the rules after the event. We know that an end to your time at the teat would be painful John, but that teat is paid for by our taxes and we would like to spend our own money thanks. So be a good boy and no more tantrums.

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