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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Margot's World

I take back the words of encouragement I gave to Margot Wallstrom on the launch of the new blog. It resembles the personal blog of a teenage girl, competing both on emptiness of content and stupidity of author. She had better sharpen her act up or the comments section will be closed as soon as it is ready. She has a piece about a recycled bag from India. Waxing lyrical about how practical it is she misses a couple of logical points. 1) Indians are resourceful because they are poor. 2) In Europe, waste disposal directives have made recycling all but impossible. An example I came across the other day. Used vegetable oil is a feedstock for Biodiesel production, double bonus, a waste product turned into a green fuel. Manufacturers are complaining that waste disposal rules are preventing them from collecting the waste oil. Resourcefulness is a function of innovation which thrives when there are few restrictions on action. It is the rules of the body the Ms Wallstrom works for that stops such things happening in Europe.

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