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Friday, December 31, 2004

Tony Blair, Free Trade

Either he’s getting clued up or I’m mellowing. I agree with Tony Blair!!!
We also need to tackle trade barriers which push up prices for our consumers, prevent African countries exporting their products and see Europe spending more on subsidising its own farmers than on aid to Africa.
Ok so I shouldn’t get too excited it’s only a sentence in an article, but it’s a start. Tony, I have a suggestion to make. Tell this to Jacques, next time you see him. The thing is that the readers of the Economist are largely aware of this idea and support it. Your pal in France is a major obstacle to a solution. So instead of preaching to the choir, use your handbag like Maggie, until you get your way. In addition as we try to remove barriers to success for African Countries, could we do the same for our own. Lets start with burning the Acquis communautaire.

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