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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Stability and Growth Pact or Economic Suicide Pact?

A story concerning the stability and growth pact got me thinking. The EU is split between those who think that the pact is necessary to maintain fiscal discipline and those who think it stops governments from doing what they do best, spending other peoples money. From the more flexibility is needed side….
Domenico Siniscalco, Italian finance minister, on Monday claimed that Italy was supported by "a group of countries, including some large ones" in opposing a rigid interpretation of the pact on debt.
I have the inkling of a small idea. Why not have flexible interpretation for all EU rules. If it’s good enough for the governments of Europe it should be good enough for the people too. I am against rigid interpretation of rules on Novel Foods, the European Arrest warrant and CAP. Why should my demands be any less relevant than Senor Siniscalco. Shouldn’t this whole saga demonstrate to those who seem to think that the EU can do no wrong; the fact that one size fits all is a big lie. It was a lie when they applied it to Tee-shirts, and it is more so when applied to the laws which 400 Million people have to abide by.

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