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Friday, December 24, 2004

Some are more Equal

In a move that proves how even handed rules are in the EU, following the ignoring of France and Germany’s budget deficits, the European Commission is to punish weaker members for breaking the same rules.
The European Commission is set to pursue disciplinary proceedings against Hungary and Greece for breaking the rules underpinning the euro.
No you did not read that incorrectly, one of the countries involved is Hungary. As you are all aware the legal tender in the land of the Magyar is still the Florint.
However, Brussels is expected to suspend disciplinary procedures against Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Cyprus and Malta.
So there were procedures in action against 6 countries which are not using the Euro as their currency. I’m sure that they must have signed up to this in some treaty or other, but is it not a little bizarre? Remember that the gone, but not lamented, Romano Prodi, described these self same rules as stupid, not so long ago.

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