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Monday, December 27, 2004

Looking Ahead

The BBC sees the year ahead as a critical one for the EU. (Funny how they say that every year. There will of course be referendums on the constitution and the talks with Turkey will begin. The biggest issue though will be the budget.
For the Commission must work with the European Council to come up with an agreement on the next seven-year budget for the EU.
How many organisations or companies do you know of that have 7 year budgets? Nearly everyone uses yearly budgets, and more flexible plans for longer periods. They are agreeing to a budget, whose period is longer than the length of the commission, or the electoral cycles of the member governments. Talk about lack of accountability. Failing yearly budgets, wouldn’t five years be a more responsible length. The commission could state its aims fort he term and ask for a budget accordingly. On the other hand, perhaps they thought that 5 year plans would smack of a certain type of trans-national union with which they do not wish to be associated.

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