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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The Grass is Always Greener?

An interesting article by a publication that usually makes Neil Kinnock look like a UKIP supporter. Speaking about the desire for countries to join the EU, FT commentator John Kay says:
There is something odd about a club that arouses more enthusiasm from those outside than those inside. But there are reasons. Mutual support for freedom and democracy is one of the purposes, perhaps the central purpose, of the EU. But such mutual support is a process from which the weak gain more than the strong. Integrity of institutions, like personal integrity, is enhanced or diminished by the integrity of those with whom you associate. Only three European nations have been truly democratic sovereign states throughout the last century. The two that are members of the EU, Britain and Sweden, are among the most eurosceptical. The other, Switzerland, has chosen not to join. The stronger a country's own institutions, the less need it perceives for those of Europe.
Whilst not supposed to be a refutation of the value of our favourite club, it does make a very valuable point. It in effect agrees with those who have been saying for years, our system of government is superior to that of most other countries. Whilst the current government’s determination to destroy that which is good about our system has led me at times to doubt the truth of this belief, I think he has hit the nail on the head. The grass may look greener over here, but membership is far from a magic solution to a country’s problems. Unfortunately, like recovering alcoholics, countries need to solve their problems themselves. Help cannot be imposed from outside. Subscription only so link not provided.

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