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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Are we for Sale?

According to Vote No, come referendum time, weighing in on the side of the government could be a number of foreign companies.
A leaked memo from Britain in Europe (BiE) last week revealed that campaigners for the EU Constitution plan to seek donations from foreign companies with close links to European governments. The document reveals that among the companies BiE plans to approach for money are the Swiss bank UBS, Deutsche Bank, Thales (which is a third owned by the French government), Telecom Italia, and EADS, (which is also part-owned by the French government).
The idea of non citizens making political contributions has always been a hot potato. When the campaign is one in which foreigners have a major interest, it becomes more so. The continental version of business is one where politicians have a large amount of influence in how companies are run. Persuading a large firm to donate to BiE, would be very easy, whether or not they were state owned. So we expect to see the governments of our neighbours, try to buy an election result in the UK. Nice isn’t it this supra-national democracy. On our side of the channel, expect the ass licking to continue:
Although polls show that business people are 59 to 18 against the Constitution, it is likely that some multinational bosses will decide to support the 'yes' campaign in order to maintain close relations with the Government.
Just a small suggestion: Those companies that support the constitution should be flooded with complaints. Perhaps we could buy shares and go to the AGM to ask questions. We at least need to make them remember, that customers are more important than government ministers.

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