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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Union of European Socialist Republics

North Sea Diaries brought this one to my attention

It seems that six of the commissioner designates are being coy about their communist pasts.

It goes without saying that in a totalitarian state, in order to be a success you must align your interests with that of those in power. It is also true that the same type of people rise to the top whatever type of government there is. It would therefore be unsurprising to learn that leaders in post communist countries were also big cheeses in the past.

Some of our new commissioners however, are pretending that their lives began in the nineties. They did nothing during the communist era and rose immediately to positions of power. Not very credible is it.


David Noriega said...

That's a fucking cheap shot and you know it. Why would Mrs T and GHW Bush lecture the world about freedom and the fall of the wall if these people could not then reshape themselves in modern politics?

Would you rather they were all put up against a wall in 1989? What exactly is your long term view of genuine political and economic change if no-one is allowed to change?

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