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Monday, November 22, 2004

The UKIP is not Useless

After the furore surrounding some unwise comments concerning fridges and the problems over Kilroy, I had given up hope that the UKIP might add something to the discussion. Now it seems I have been too pessimistic, at least where some people are concerned.

MEPs have called for clarification surrounding French Commissioner Jacques Barrots conviction in 2000 over illegal party financing. Mr Barrot was given an eight month suspended sentence in 2000. However, a general amnesty in 1995 by French President Jacques Chirac meant that the case was wiped from record and French media are not allowed to refer to it.
The revelations in themselves are far from suprising, it is France after all. The important point is this:
Mr Barrots past was revealed by eurosceptic UK MEP Nigel Farage.
Keep up the good work Nigel.

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