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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Those who resist will be Crushed

The European Culture of tolerance and freedom is apparently what the EU is all about. Taking the best of our progressive political culture and forcing it on everyone through directives and treaties is the very reason for its existence. So what are we to make of this:

Belgiums most popular political party was banned as racist by the countrys high court yesterday, fuelling concerns that the judicial branch is being used to eliminate political enemies.
Belgium is the most sickeningly PC country is the EU. This is the country that refused to sell bullets to the British Army in the 1991 Gulf Conflict, despite being contracted to. Turkeys admittedly poor handling of the issue of separatist political parties has been the subject of no end of critisism from the Belgians. At least the Turks had the excuse that they were just front organsiations for a terrorist group. What excuse can the Belgian Government give for this. It comes right from the top.
The lawsuit against the Vlaams Blok was brought by a rights watchdog controlled by the prime minister's office.
Welcome to the Brave New World of European Liberal Consensus

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