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Thursday, November 25, 2004

There is no third way

Not really a sentence you expect to hear from the mouth of one of our Dear Leaders Ministers. However, Mr MacShane, Minister for the Department of Quisling, was not commenting on the rebranding of Tax and Spend socialism but on the Tory approach to Europe. Funny that, Labour is allowed a third way but the Tories are not. Apparently:

In the 11 years of Mrs Thatcher's premiership. She agreed to 316 multilateral treaties and 1,482 bilateral treaties.
Tony Blair is a much more jealous guardian of British sovereignty as counted by the treaties his administration has signed, just 153 multilateral treaties and 531 bilateral treaties.
Which of course in itself means nothing, as there is a world of difference in a marriage contract and a sports club membership, even if both count as one contract each. So if we had agreed simple treaties with the EU on a number of individual issues, we would have given up more sovereignty. Besides, this from the party that derides the track record of the Iron Lady and calls on them to denounce her.
But the really big European treaties are those Britain signed up to when Tory prime ministers signed the Treaty of Rome, and the treaty setting up the Single European Market two decades ago. Since then, trade between Britain and France alone has increased by 300 per cent. Last year, 45 million passengers were carried by low cost airlines on trips to European cities, a direct result of the new rules Britain accepted when it signed the 1986 treaty setting up the Single European Market.
If you divide the 11 Billion pounds contribution by 45 million you can see that the airlines were not really that low cost after all. Anyway, as consumers we fail to see the connection between our right to services at true market prices and the regulations that strangle our lives. And the fact that Tory Prime Ministers signed treaties is somehow important. Ted Heath is a traitor and Mrs Thatcher now says she was duped. As for that other guy, what was his name, no I can not think of anything to say about him. As time has passed, we have come to understand the true nature of this club and learned to hate it. Things change. After all at the time that Mrs T was signing said treaty, most of the members of the Labour party were bright red marxists.
There are also proposals claiming that Britain can unilaterally pass national law that would allow it to choose the bits of the EU it likes, for example, the single market, but tell EU member states such as Ireland, Holland, Germany and others that they cannot fish in the North Sea or Atlantic waters Britain wants to reserve for itself.
Yes quite sensible proposals if you ask the majority of your constituents. There is no reason other than petty politics why the rest of Europe would wish to shut the UK out of the single market, just because it is not committed to committing suicide as it were.
On social policy, all employees in Britain now have the legal right to 28 days paid holiday a year, thanks to EU rules that other countries have to obey.
Off Topic. Zero points. If we wanted such a law we could have past it ourselves anyway. We did not need Brussels to do it for us. On the other hand, if we decide we no longer want such a law, we are stuck with it.
Yet British citizens cannot pick and choose which bits of the law they will obey. Similarly, Britain cannot pass legislation that conflicts with international treaties, such as the EU treaties, without being in breach of its solemn treaty obligations.
Oh the Law, that wonderful thing that exists for some reason, and must be obeyed at all times. Mr MacQuisling. If a law does not protect the rights of the individual it has no right to exist and must be changed. This is not an unchanging Sharia system that we live in, its called liberal democracy.
But what is sauce for the French or German or Italian goose is sauce for the British gander. Europe is not a one-way street in which Britain alone has national interests that others have to bow to, but we can ride rough-shod over everyone else.
No you are quite right. Its a one way street where France can ride rough shod over everyone else.
In the new treaty, Britain has been present at the creation in shaping Europe's rule book.
Yeah, and the governments own representative said that nobody listened to any of the critisisms and comments and that the treaty was terribly written document. But lets all ignore the facts, they get in the way of the good of THE PROJECT.

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