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Monday, November 08, 2004

Standing up for Freedom of Speech

An excellent post on the subject of Theo Van Gogh at Eurabian Times

I had not heard of him before Submission, and had forgotten his name until he was brutally murdered in the streets of Amsterdam. My reaction to his killing is not due to the loss of this man. When the assailant shot him down, his shots were aimed at the Western value of freedom of expression.
This is exactly how I feel. We have a culture in Europe based on freedom of expression and the rights of the individual, which is under attack from those who do not share these values. This would be of little consequence if it were not for the fact that our supposed representatives are joining the other side.
A mural with the words Thou Shalt Not Kill, in the memory of Theo Van Gogh, was sandblasted by the Rotterdam authorities, lest it incite more violence.
Aside from the fact that an exhortation not to kill is hardly an incitement to violence, this is typical of the cowardice of those whose job is to protect us from such fanatics. When in doubt look for the root cause of the problem. This is another reason why Europe is finished.

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