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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

A plan to revive transatlantic relations

I discovered this week, a think tank dedicated to EU reform. There seems to be a plethora of such organisations which makes you wonder where all the money comes from. I know very little about them but this tells me a lot.

The Centre for European Reform, by far the best of all EU think-tanks in London" The Guardian
They have an article on US EU relations. The basic thrust of the article is that the two sides should work together, but the stand out paragraphs are these:
The US should declare itself in favour of a more united Europe, the position of most administrations since the second world war. Any attempt to oppose European integration, or to encourage the split between New and Old Europe would be counter productive. If there is one policy guaranteed to boost support for Jacques Chirac's idea that Europe should be built in opposition to the US, it is American hostility to the EU.
Firstly, the US has never been hostile to the EU, rather it has been dismissive which is something altogether different. Besides, the EU or rather certain leading lights have been very hostile to the US. Methinks the logic is upside down. Then comes the one they all through in:
The EU needs to turn itself into a more credible and effective international actor. Ratifying the constitutional treaty would help, so that the new foreign policy machinery, with a foreign minister replacing the rotating presidency, and a new diplomatic service.
Just a small point on foreign policy. Making a European Foreign Policy is like herding cats. As long as we do not agree, having a European Henry Kissinger will solve diddly squat. Besides every time I hear the phrase, the constitution would help, it makes me wonder what more they will think of to help some more in the future.

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