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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Campaigners launch attack on Brown

Its not often I warm to those who wish to hand our country over to the EU but when I heard that they had been attacking Gordon Brown, I wished them luck for a micro second. Of course it was not because the Chancellor is the biggest thief in British History, that they dislike him, but rather because he does not wish to let go of the purse strings. From Vote No

Leading members of the Britain in Europe campaign held a stormy meeting with the Chancellor this week and attacked him for being too negative about the EU. At the moment the message from the Government is still that Britain is doing well despite Europe and thats hardly a rallying cry for a positive vote for the Constitutional treaty. Liberal Democrat Malcolm Bruce said, We told him that by accentuating the difference and British superiority, the message he gives to the British people is that we are thoroughly engaged, and we are being stuffed, and we ought not to be there.

Well its not often I can say this, but I think the message that Mr Brown is giving the British people is spot on.

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