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Saturday, October 30, 2004

The Wisdom of Robin Cook

I could spend a couple of hours fisking this pile of stinking poo, but I just want to bring out one argument which will be used time and time again and what I think our response should be to it.

A focus of the Mail assault has been the provision that European law takes primacy over domestic legislation, but that has been the rule ever since we joined in 1975. If Britain votes no on those grounds we are rejecting the very basis on which we became members
Robin, dear, our leaders lied to us in 1975 telling us that joining would not mean loss of sovereignty. Ever since they have tried to pretend that the EU is little more than a trading zone. This is our first chance to give our opinion on the reality of the EU not the lie sold to us by Heath. On that basis all previous treaties are up for discussion, not just this one. Besides as Eurosceptics our biggest problem with the EU by far is the ratchet effect. We may all have been raving Euro looneys in 1975. We might have wished to create a Euro Commune of caring sharing multicultural fabness. Since then we may have changed our mind. Its our right to do so. We reject totally any political process that is not reversible and the EU is most definitely a one way street. Oh and by the way, using a constitution to cement a particular world view is illegitimate and undemocratic. I hope we can spoil your wonderful European future for you. See you in 2006.

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