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Monday, October 04, 2004

Peter Mandelson

Peter Mandelson the man everyone in the UK, except Tony, loves to hate is going to get a rough in his new position. From the Neosocialist Euro point of view he is a Neoliberal and therefore beyond the pale. (Funny how Stalinists are regarded as decent people in some circles whilst those wishing to reduce arbitrary government actions are somehow seen as not suitable for polite company). Our favorite Communist Daily writes today that The Prince of Darkness's first job is to become a mercantilist.

The foreign ministers' council, the EU's top policy-making body outside summits, expects the new commissioner to be ready to cut agricultural subsidies in world trade talks only in return for big concessions from other countries on manufacturing and services exports.
Back to the rocks in your own harbour logic.
On agriculture, the council paper handed to Mr Mandelson reaffirms the "importance of a satisfactory outcome as regards EU sensitivities in agricultural market access, the importance of full parallelism on the elimination of all forms of export subsidies, the need for major reform in other industrialised countries, the need to preserve the reforms of the CAP". "This document shows the EU in its true colours, putting the interests of European exporters before the needs of poor people in developing countries," said John Hilary, director of campaigns and policy at War on Want.
Except its not just poor people who are suffering but also the European consumer. So its in Europe's interest that Europeans pay far too much for food huh? A problem which impacts the poor in Europe far more than anyone else. Except , I'm sorry, its all about social protection.
But Caroline Lucas, a leading Green, said Mr Mandelson faced questions on whether he stood up for the Atlanticist economic model or the Franco-German model of social protection through trade regulation.
Will there ever be a time when trade negotiations are based on economic reality and not macho posturing and socialist ignorance?

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