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Thursday, October 07, 2004

One More For the European Union

From Tim Worstall

As part of the drive to protect us, the drive to regulate every jot and tittle of activity on the continent, our bureaucratic masters have issued regulations about how medical trials are to be undertaken. Of course, the pimple-nosed pinheads who design such paperwork believe that the only people who do trials on new drugs and new treatments are the large drug companies. They have no knowledge of the fact that much research is done by small teams of academics, or by charities, or even purely voluntarily. The net result? Most drug research in Europe has closed down.
What a suprise, they screwed up again. Because directives are primarily influenced by lobbyists, only those who hire such people ever get heard. The rest of us find out about these screw ups after they have destroyed our way of life.

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