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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Greens to vote against new Commission

This was a couple of days back but it warrants a comment:

The European Parliament's Greens have said that they will reject the Commission as a whole during a key vote next week.
From their political standpoint I can understand why they feel this way. But there is a twist in the tail.
The Greens also say that they will try and use anti-discrimination articles in the new EU constitution to oppose some members, such as Mr Buttiglione.
Get that, they want to use articles from a constitution that has not been agreed on, that would be an interesting precedent would it not. From now one EU law depends upon draft unsigned treaties. In addition they want to use anti discrimination articles to discriminate against someone. Pinch me someone this can not be real. EUrealist emphasised the point that our very our Peter Mandelson, who has been sacked for corruption twice from the British government, gets the nod from the Greens without a murmur.

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