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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Death to the Whistleblowers

Its been just days since Marta Andreasen was sacked for having the cheek to question fraud and corruption. Now in a ruling that shows us that none of us are safe another whistleblower is being stopped from investigating the corruption that pervades the corridors of Brussels.

The European Court has dispelled any residual doubt that it is little more than a politically motivated tool of the European Commission and continues its slow but steady construction of the means to make investigative journalism impossible in Brussels by ruling that Belgian police could seize Hans-Martin Tillack's computers and records to identify his sources regarding reports on EU corruption.
So as usual, the focus is always on those whose actions undermine the project, not on those whose actions are immoral or illegal. Is this not exactly what happens in a communist revolution. Everything that may damage the revolution in the eyes of the people must be stopped at all costs. Now tell me that the UK has no other choice but to lash itself to this sinking rotten ship.

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