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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Constitutional Titbit - 2

What kind of economy do we want then:

The union shall work for the sustainable development of Europe based on balanced economic growth, a social market economy, highly competitive and aiming at full employment and social progress and with a high level of protection and improvement of the environment. It shall promote scientific and technological progress.
So here it is. No matter how unsuccessful, no matter how much it leads to social dysfunction, no matter the cost, we will stick with the European Social model forever. Of course, no mention of the economy could be made without dragging up the environment, otherwise those evil capitalists will destroy it. Without the constitution the EU was the biggest cheerleader for the useless and expensive Kyoto. With a constitutional need to protect the environment I hate to think how much further they would go. Promoting science and technology. No please do not laugh, it really says that. Try cracking down on greenie and animal rights terrorists and lift the unscientific ban on GM crops. In addition, do what the USA did with Silicon Valley. Get the hell out of the way. Can you imagine at the height of the Internet boom, techies only working 48 hours a week.

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