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Monday, October 11, 2004

Commissioner Delegate in Religious Belief Shock

From EU Politix

Rocco Buttiglione is not suitable to be the EU’s new justice chief, the European Parliament president has said. As MEPs prepare to vote on a new European Commission, Josep Borrell has given a clear indication of his views. The outspoken Buttiglione has outraged some in the parliament with his conventional Catholic views on homosexuality and women. With such views Borrell suggests the Italian would better put in charge of root vegetables than given the EU’s growing justice brief.
Now I can understand that many people may dislike Buttiglione's views, find them backward, discriminatory or whatever, but I fail to see how they can be relevant to his fitness for the position. As these views are official Catholic views, are we to understand that Catholics are not suited to positions of authority? The EuropeanParliment is full of people who believe that property is theft, to coin an old expression. I find such a belief to be beyond the pale and much more relevant to the question of fitness for the job, as economic issues are the bread and butter of the EU. However in a democracy you except that fact that many politicians in positions of power do not share your view of the world. Buttiglione sees it like this:
“I may think that homosexuality is a sin but this has no effect on politics, unless I say that homosexuality is a crime,” he said.
I couldn't agree more. But in the minds of the Neosocialists who run our lives, no freedom of thought should be allowed unless it coincides with the party line.

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