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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Another Guardian Classic

I'm sorry to keep banging on about Rocco, but the comments made in various circles do not fail to amuse me. For Example

Mr Buttiglione should not be required, as he he put it, to "prostitute his conscience". But nor should he take up this important post when his views run counter to those of millions of European citizens.
Is it possible to find anyone for any job when measured against these credentials? I'm sure I can find something to disagree with in every single one of them. How about, lets assume that 1% of European Union residents are rabid racists, about 4.5 million people. Does that mean that no-one who is friends with people of non European origin could be suitable? Well their views would run counter to those of millions of European citizens! Such an assumption is probably on the conservative side, judging by the waves of antisemitism rearing up across the continent. Sorry I forgot, the only citizens that count are the ones that read the Guardian, or its equivalent across Europe.

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