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Monday, September 27, 2004

Update on Kinnock

According to Mr Freemarket, the fearless defender of the public purse, formerly known as the Welsh windbag, will continue to fleece the public in retirement. The value of his pension is calculated at £2.3 Million. Not bad for a failure is it. I seem to remember the old chap ranting about fat cat pay and perks. Perhaps my memory is plying tricks with me. I wonder what the state of Marta Andreasen's pension is?


Anonymous said...


Sorry no idea if 'blogger' can do trackbacks - I got the hell off of it about a year ago & now use Moveable Type.When I used it, it didn't which is one of the reasons I jacked it.

Try The Englishman ( ... he is good at this stuff !!

Good luck with the blog

Mr Free Market

Eliab said...

It gets better - acording to the Beeb he is joining Britain in Europe with Corporal Clegg and Chris Patten, joy.

the adventuress said...

Do my eyes deceive me? Kinnock is getting a pension worth nearly 5 million bucks! Is that per year or lifetime? (please say it's lifetime!) An ex-President of the United States and Leader of the Free World only gets something like a hundred grand a year in pension payments! (Doesn't count salaries for secret service protection, though.)

the adventuress said...

I linked to this BTW. Nice Work if You Can Get It. I did some additional research and found out that ex-US Presidents do indeed get pension benefits of between $110,000 to about $160,000 per year, excluding perks like salaries for office staff and secret service protection which is mostly related to the public duties they undertake when they leave office.