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Monday, September 20, 2004

They must have seen us coming

Got EU for wasting £55m Is there another organisation in the world that spends money as easily as this bunch of thieves. According to the paper least favoured by the chattering classes: A JUGGERNAUT trundles into EU headquarters in Strasbourg after a bizarre journey from Brussels — pouring more of YOUR money down the drain. A convoy of 15 trucks roll in as the entire European Parliament decamped to historic Strasbourg for just FOUR DAYS. And the whole crazy system — which experts say costs an extra £55MILLION a year — exists just to appease the French. Why don't we just give the French an extra £55 million per year, it would be a lot less hassle. Perhaps this is part of the peace strategy of the EU. ( you know how we would have all been killing each other for the past 60 years without the guardians of the peace) At least in September with the roads full of trucks running between Brussels & Strasbourg, waging war would be really difficult.

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