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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

So common Foreign & Defense policy is a good idea?

From the EU Newsletter, priorities for the new parliament Terrorism: force is not the answerPresident Borrell strongly condemned the recent tragic terrorist acts in Beslan, Russia, and stressed that the EU needs to consider measures outside the use of retaliatory force. "We cannot expect to eradicate its causes with the simple and indiscriminate use of force, avenging with the lives of other children the damage suffered by ours, or creating an intolerable escalation of violence," he said. "We will not win the fight against terrorism by seeing it as a conventional war."President Borrell stressed that the world has to analyse the underlying causes of terrorism and find solutions to the hostilities around the world including Chechnya, Iraq and Palestine. Call me old fashioned but I was under the impression the the cause of terrorism was terrorists. To quote a recent statement "We love death as you love life" . They started it, and they have no demands that we can possibly comply with. As for the underlying cause of terrorism in Palestine, the EU has been subsidizing it.

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