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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Euro Morons

As a believer in the rights of the individual over and above everything else, I hate the people protectors more than anything. We need this law to protect blah blah blah.... and all or freedom of choice is trodden on. The follow comment one working hours law is typical.... Don't gamble with peoples health. All this extra working creates nothing but Stress. Undermining the peoples health. Why not impose the limit to all countries ,equally.There should be no person required to work longer hours than that agreed by the EU .People need their rest and their leisure,time for family life.The Social needs of the people should be a priority.If there are Companies that make a case for longer hours to be worked as part of the contract of employment,then the EU should take measures to stop such practices. Fair wages for a fair days work.Work sharing ,if there is that much work available that requires extra time then give it to the unemployed.If there are not enough people for the job,then train them to do it. Actually all this extra working time provides those who want it with extra money. Why not impose no limit at all and let people decide for themselves. Some people don't have family so there need for time for family life is somewhat limited. The needs of the people, social or otherwise are much better understood and dealt with by the people involved. As for work sharing and training the unemployed, socialism collapsed, it never worked anywhere and is unlikely to work just because you want it to. Besides, the countries where people work longer hours tend to be those with lower unemployment.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"Work sharing ,if there is that much work available that requires extra time then give it to the unemployed"
This is known as the Lump Theory of Labour Fallacy and has been knwon to be untrue for a century.
I agree with you, the decision about how many hours to work should be left to the individual. Some, like me, work much less than others.

BTW, you are blogrolled at my place. I think this is going to become a very interesting blog.

Tim Worstall