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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Moaning Mandy

Mandy is not happy. Her best friend has let her down again.
Peter Mandelson said U.K. government leaders have sabotaged the case for adopting the euro by suggesting the region's economy is a ``basket case'' holding back growth in Britain.
Whereas we all know that the 5 + million unemployed in Germany and a massive loss of competitiveness in Italy is not remotely basket case. Damn those Eurosceptics and their lies. Mandy added:
There would never be a ``perfect'' time to push for using Europe's common currency and the government needs to make the political case more strongly.
But Mandy dear there is no case, unless you are a believer in the great European Plan for us to be ruled by a wise and noble elite, whose only aim is to make a better world for us all. As a theory it sucks, both in principal and in practise, where the closest we could find to Wise, Noble and Selfless, was you and you incompetent colleagues.

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