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Monday, February 19, 2007

Is My Logic Right ?

The thing I understand from this story is that EU Red Tape costs us 14% of our wealth.

European Union countries on Monday backed moves to slash EU red tape by a quarter from 2012 to boost growth. EU Industry Commissioner Guenter Verheugen said cutting the cost of red tape would boost the bloc's growth by the equivalent of 3.5 percent over time.
This benefit comes from cutting a quarter of all red tape. So why not cut it all and get much richer? Probably because the EU would lose its reason for existence. The same goes for all bureaucracies.

I am willing to bet with anyone, that come 2012, the problem, far from being 25% better, will be a lot worse.


Mr Eugenides said...

"Over time"?

Even by EU standards, that's a terrifically vague statement.

But your logic appears correct, yes.

Sasquach said...

Whenever you add a layer of Government you naturally add a layer of cost to every activity a citizen engages in. Rules, Requirements, Taxes, User Fees, ect, ect, ect.....

For any Government to suggest reducing it's own activity is as suspect as a fish suggesting a reduction in water levels.

My favorite saying is "Just be glad your not getting all the Government your paying for."

Anonymous said...

that is shocking


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Anonymous said...

that is shocking


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daun1919 said...

i totally agree with you....... Anyway your logic is right then...

worldpeace said...

I think your logic is right

The Bishop Swine said...

Yes your logic is correct. Thank God a few get it. The EU is a mob operation, run by wide boys and spivs with a degrees in this and doctorates in that. It is a hindrance to good governance and presents insurmountable constitutional problems. Westminster is in the end game of giving way to the power grab. Can we reverse it? You bet your life we can but it will require an act of National will. The Chinese would never succumb to such a mistake.

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